Schoolmaster of Shenzhen Middle School, “Top Ten Outstanding Principal” in Shenzhen, “Outstanding Teacher in Guangdong Province”, a visiting professor at Guangdong Provincial Secondary And Elementary School Principals Training Center, Host of Guangdong Provincial Secondary And Elementary School Principals Studio, and a educator development object of the new round of “New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project” in Guangdong province .

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  • 2016-11-13

    Graduation Decade Commemoration for Alumni of XXX6 in Shenzhen Middle School and the 70th Birthday of Shenzhen Middle School —— the Opening Ceremony of the Campus and the Xiaoyuan Culture Year

  • 2016-11-12

    On November 12, Professor SONG Lingyang and Professor BIAN Kaigui of Peking University specially came to our school for enrollment publicity, and they had conducted an in-depth communication with partial 2017 Senior Grade Three excellent students in

  • 2016-10-29

    On the afternoon of October 19, the Comprehensively In-depth Cooperation Signing and Phoenix Card Issuing Ceremony for Shenzhen High School and China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch was solemnly held at the Academic Report Hall of the school.

  • 2016-10-27

    From October 27 to November 3, the National Finals for “the 33rd National Physics Competition for Middle School Students” (Winter Camp) was held in Wuhan and Huanggang of Hubei. Six students of the school participated in the competition on behalf of…

  • 2016-10-25

    On October 25, 2016, the activity of the 3rd National Smart Class Observation Seminar (Shenzhen Station) was held at Xianfeng Theater of Shenzhen High School. There are more than 600participating personnel, including the national education competent

About SHENzhong

Shenzhen High School was founded in 1947. June 1983 was designated as the sole province of Shenzhen City, the focus of high school, in 1986 was named the Guangdong Province progress fast, the effect good school, in November 1993 by the Guangdong Province, the first a school. 2004, was designated as the state's new school

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