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Prof. Zhu Huawei

 Doctoral Degree in Education

  Level II Professor in China

  Superior-level Teacher

  PhD Supervisor

 National Excellent Educator

  Recipient of the State Council Special Allowance for Experts

  Senior Visiting scholar of California State University, L.A.

Prof. Zhu is the member of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC Guangdong), and President of the founding institute of Guangzhou Education Research Institute.

    He is now the principal, and the Party Committee’s secretary of         

    Shenzhen Middle School. The Executive Vice President and 

    Secretary General of China Education Mathematical society.

    He was also once the chairman of International Mathematical 

    Contest Academic Committee.


    As the director of the main test committee of the 

    national middle school students' mathematics winter camp, 

    Principal Huawei Zhu has led a number of Chinese teams to win 

    the gold medals in the International Olympiad Competition. More 

    than 100 papers and 100 books written by him have been 

    published at main media like People's Daily, Guangming Daily, and China Education Journal. 

    In 1998, Principal Huawei Zhu was awarded the top 

    ten outstanding youth of Hubei province. In 2008, he was 

    awarded the outstanding expert of Guangzhou, in 2018 the 

    second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, and in 

    2019 the Pioneer of Education Reform in Shenzhen.



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