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​ ​Introduction of Curriculums



The innovative curriculums of SMS are all student-oriented. They meet various demands of students with different needs and characteristics. There are three curriculums now in SMS, and they are: Standard Curriculum, Honors Curriculum and Experimental Curriculum. They put focus on the Gaokao in China, college admission overseas and selective gifted program on science respectively. The detailed introduction to each curriculum is as follows:


​   (1)Brief Overview of the Curriculum

Guided by Shenzhen Middle School goals, Standard Curriculum aims to help students reach outstanding scores in Gaokao as well as focusing on its students’ physical and mental health, manners and cultivating their senses of patriotism through elaborated courses and refined management.


  (2) Characteristic Culture of the Curriculum

  Slogan: achieve SMS standard and pursuit excellence

  Curriculum Color: Green

  Curriculum Mission: Nice Environment, Profound Practice , Great Endeavor, and Good Manner.


  (3)Uniqueness of the Curriculum

Standard Curriculum covers all the compulsory and elective courses which are required in Gaokao (the National College Entrance Exam in China). In addition, Shenzhen Middle School provides unique elective courses for students in this curriculum as listed below:



 (4)Vision for the Future

  A full-development vision is generated to promote the academic competiveness and leadership of every student in standard curriculum of SMS, while cultivating a well-educated gentleman or lady with decent manners who shows fully respect to others and environment.

​  升学指导中心合照.jpg
 (1)Brief Overview of the Curriculum

Also, we look forward to cultivating innovative talents with a good knowledge of Chinese tradition, with rich international perspectives and equipped with outstanding cross-cultural communication skills.

The biggest features of the Experimental Curriculum are: Rich sources of international curriculums, scientific curriculum design, well-developed assessment systems, and honest management of students’ grades. This system is also featured with liberal and democratic management as well as a variety of activity opportunities.

Target Students: Gaokao( Chinese National College Entrance Exam) concentrated and International concentrated (specifically, the Advanced Placement Program) students.

Trait Advantages: featured courses and small class teaching and learning.

  (2)Characteristic Culture of the Curriculum

Core Concepts: Independence, Reflection, Cooperation, Innovation.

color: Blue



  (3) Uniqueness of the Curriculum

The experimental curriculum has various course options and multiple international co-projects. We cooperate with many prestigious corporations and institutions on academic activities. The curriculum structure is as below:


  (4)Vision for the Future


Based on the previous experience both at home and aboard, experimental curriculum constantly adjusts itself and also adopts the most advanced teaching philosophy in the world. It now introduces the Internet+technology teaching method, which offers students a unique and vibrant learning experience. This curriculum not only put emphasis on students’ college admission results, but also on laying foundation for their abilities to lead a happy life for a life-long time.


​   (1) Brief Overview of the Curriculum

Honors Curriculum focuses on subject contests and gifted courses on science and technology innovation, based on the highly characteristic school curriculum, it cultivates high-level science and engineering talents for the future.

  (2)Characteristic Culture of the Curriculum

Slogan: Science, Liberty, Thinking, Practice

Core: Honors courses, Deep learning, Practice and Innovation

Special Activities: Advanced Academic Activities, Academic Clubs, Arts and Science Lectures, Innovative Science and Technology Festival

Color: Purple

  (3)Uniqueness of the Curriculum

Based on the “School Curriculum” system and the prospect of Honors Curriculum, Honors Curriculum reforms the Basic Academic Courses and the SMS Diploma Courses with gifted features and characteristics to meet the demands of the gifted students. This curriculum has two courses: fundamental course and honor course. 

Fundamental Courses is mainly composed of compulsory courses, which contain Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History, Geography, Art, Sports, Technology, Career Planning, Comprehensive Practice Course and other national compulsory courses and other school-based compulsory and elective courses.

Honors Courses include national compulsory courses (Honor), Academic Contest courses, Advanced College courses (AC), Autonomous Enrolment courses (mathematics, physics), and advanced academic activity course.

Advanced Academic Activity,Among them, “Advanced Academic Activity Course” includes

①Courses in the Olympic competition of Linguistics, Astronomy, Philosophy, Geography, Brain, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Earth Sciences;

②Courses in Yau Science Award;

③National contest courses in inventions, innovations, or technologies;

④Contest courses in humanities or social sciences;

⑤Courses in advanced international invitational contest or tournament.

  (4)Vision for the Future

Through the practice of cultivating thinking ability of gifted students on science subjects, Honors Curriculum explores the most effective way for gifted students and enable them to strive for "the best of themselves"