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2018-05-31 The Makers Festival, 4th Session in SMS Junior Secondary School Department


Shenzhen Middle School held the 4th Session of Makers Festival on the afternoon of May 28th, which was hosted by Mr. Wang Teng, Assistant of the Director of Student Division, Junior Secondary School of SMS.

More than 1000 students participated in this session of 2018, besides numerous teachers, parents who served as volunteers and representatives of the Parents Committee. In addition, pertinent enterprises such as Zhida Tech, Huadeen Tech, Guangke Holography Tech and corporations of Makers Education also showed up.

It was a memorable sight when 8 AI tanks sprayed fireworks along the path with 6 drones flew above them in an order designed in the shape of Chinese character ”ping”, forming a queue with the tanks while passing the podium. The perfect demonstration by Robotics Club and Drone Club was welcomed most cordially by students.

In order to spread Maker culture more effectively and have the idea of creation rooted in more minors’ mind, this session also invited some excellent primary schools to join, including the representatives for makers in Liyuan Primary School, Jintian Primary School, Hongling Primary School, Luohu Primary School, Cuibei Primary School, Dongchang Primary School, Baishida Primary School, Cuizhu Primary School and so on. They also shared their works; what’s more, student Shen Yaozheng from Liyuan Primary School also communicated with many Junior One students about his experience taking part and winning numerous awards in CCTV’s Makers’ Big Challenge, which took place in 2015, the National Contest in Computer Sciences: Makers Division, 2016, and the Provincial Contest for High School & Primary School Makers.

2018-05-31 The Makers Festival, 4th Session in SMS Junior Secondary School Department