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2019-06-28 The Newly Established Strategic Cooperation Partenership between Our School and Tencent


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On June the 26th, principal Huawei Zhu led a group of visitors from Shenzhen Middle School to Tencent company, and attended the signing ceremony about developing strategic cooperative partnership between the school and the company held there. Focusing on the "Technology + Education" theme, the school and the company intended to build a featured course system centered around technology and the school and the company also had a talk about the career development of the high school students. 


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Dan Xi, the senior vice president of Tencent said in the ceremony that it is now urgent to increase the technological input into the field of basic education. Tencent now has established the Juvenile Academy of Science and Technology in order to achieve this goal. Tencent also regards this measure as an important way to fulfill the company's social responsibility.  The in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen Middle School this time, said Dan Xi, is a crucial step for the company to movetowards the goal of "Technology and Goodness."


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Principal Zhu made a speech afterwards. He said that Shen Zhen Middle School is the cradle for extraordinary and innovative talents. No matter in science competitions or in Gaokao, the students from Shenzhen Middle School always top in Shenzhen and even in Guangdong Province. Apart from helping the students to get excellent scores, the school also puts emphasis on students' comprehensive development, in order to let every student get their advantages into full play. The cooperation with Tencent this time, intends to provide a better environment and greater opportunities for the school's talents. 


Principal Zhu continues to comment that technology is the first productivity and talent is the first resource. To cultivate scientific and technological talents needs the power from not only the school, but also the whole society, especially the big technology companies. The "Technology and Goodness" idea of Tencent goes with the school's educational aim perfectly, and Tencent's CEO Tony Ma, the school's alumni, also cares a lot about the development of his Alma Mater. Principal Zhu hopes that the school and the company could make full use of this opportunity, to foster more talents for our country.


The cooperation of Shenzhen Middle School and Tencent mainly includes the following four aspects:

 1. To establish a united NOI laboratory. Tecent would help Shenzhen 

     Middle School to develop a targeted talent development program.  


    ​    ​    ​2. To establish a course system including courses about AI, Big Data,     

                Internet Security and juvenile programming.


    ​        3. Tencent offers technological training and opportunities for students to      

                 take part in technological competitions. The school and the company 

                 intend to make efforts to build competition teams in various fields.


            4. To meet the Gaokao Reform Requirements of the country, the  

                company and the school plan to develop the career education 

                programs for the students, especially those related to technology, to 

                promote their social adaptability.  



2019-06-28 The Newly Established Strategic Cooperation Partenership between Our School and Tencent