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We Won the Debating Championship!


 We Won the Debating Championship!

The debating team of Shenzhen Middle School reached the peak in the invitation competition of the 2nd International Chinese Debate Competition for Middle School Students


On July the 16th, four students in our Debate Society went to Beijing and took part in the invitation exam of the 2nd "Zhongguancun Cup" International Chinese Debate Competition for Middle School Students. After six days' fierce competition, the debating team of Shenzhen Middle Scchool beat the 21st Century International School in Beijing and won the first prize. Qiang Wang in our team was awarded as the Best Debater, and Zizuo Zhou, Boyuan Wang were awarded as the Best Debater of the first and third round respectively.


Team Member:

Ruoxuan Xu, Sizuo Zhou, Boyuan Wang, Qiang Wang

Advisor: Chang Liu, Ling Yuan

Coach: Jinlin Li

Honored Coach: Huaming Wan

The second "Zhongguancun Cup" International Chinese Debate Competition for Middle School Students was initiated and held by the Educational Committee and the Government Education Supervision office in Haidian District Beijing. This year's competition invited more than 24 top debating teams from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and Malaysia. Students from top debating schools as Tsun Jin High School, Qingdao No.2 Middle School, Kaohsiung high school for girls took part in the competition. The topic of this year’s debate includes Classic Literature Works, Science Knowledge, News, and Human Development, and aims to build the platform for students from different cultures and countries to communicate with each other, to discuss the cultural difference, and to cultivate their critical thinking abilities.  


After debating around topics like "Is living on campus better for students' health?" 

"Does Poem Express Opinions or Emotions more?" Our team eventually entered the final round.   



In the final competition held on July the 21st, our school competed with Beijing 21st Century International School on the topic "Which one is more important in promoting city development, to learn from others? Or to strengthen internal abilities?" Students from Shenzhen Middle School points out that to import intelligence and expertise from others is beneficial to a city's soft power as well as hard power. Both internal drive and external stimulus are important to a city's development.

At last, Shenzhen Middle School beats Beijing 21st Century School and won the first price, getting the invitation for the 3rd “Zhongguancun Cup” debating competition.


We Won the Debating Championship!