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Our Soccer Team Won the "U14" Men's Championship


The 2019 Shenzhen Youth Soccer League Award Ceremony was held on November the 25th. Shenzhen  Middle School's junior department won the first prize in the "U14" male's group! Jiahui Huang from Junior 3, class 5 was awarded the "excellent player." 



    The former vice president of Chinese Soccer Association, the inspector from Shenzhen Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports as well as the deputy director of Shenzhen Education Ministry, Office of Morality, Sports and Arts presented our team and students the prizes.


The Soccer Education has always been one important part of our curriculum. We have a mature soccer education system in our school, setting compulsory soccer classes in both junior and senior high departments.  Furthermore, in order to encourage more students to play soccer, we hold big events, like the "Soccer Dream" every year.

In the past few years, our school has sent many excellent students to big competition teams and even  professional soccer clubs both home and aboard. We can say that we have set a sample in implementing quality education.


Our Soccer Team Won the