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The Colorful Career Adventure Course in SMS


    ​Conducting the educational philosophy of "education needs planning, growth needs planning", the Student Guidance Center of Shenzhen Middle school has continuously innovated the curriculum model of career planning, and launched relevant career education activities for the first year of senior high school in the 2019-2020 academic year, aiming to arouse students' awareness of career planning and to improve their ability of career planning.

​    ​By November 10, 2019, the seven career adventure intensive training sessions for 18 classes in eight units of the first grade in Shenzhen Middle school have been completed.


The career adventure course in Shenzhen Middle school has the following characteristics:

    ​First of all, the content of the training is not taught by the teacher, but is experienced by students in activities. After each activity, students are required to  summarize and reflect what they have learnt and felt under the guidance of the teacher. For example, when experiencing the activities of communication mode, students conclude through the guidance of teachers: "We should clearly understand our interaction mode with others, and make according adjustments to accept others' help or to actively help others.


    ​One special point of the course is that seniors are involved as "team leaders." Becoming a "team leader" requires strict selections and "pre-job" training. The love of "group leader" for each team member makes the unique campus culture of Shenzhen Middle School. The "professionalism" of group leaders in the course is not only due to their excellent performance and advanced training, but also because of the age difference between them and the 10th graders, which gives them unique advantages in understanding 10th graders and solving problems that they are facing.


    ​Another feature of the course is that the material is personalized and requires reflection on daily practice. There are 86 career adventure groups in the year 2019-2020. Each group has a different syllabus, and each group can meet the individual needs of each student. Under the leadership of "group leader," students design activities to reflect on personal growth and practice what they have gained in real life. 

The Colorful Career Adventure Course in SMS