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Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory Jointly Built with Nanjing University



    ​    ​On the morning of June 18th, the signing and opening ceremony of "Shenzhen Middle School – Nanjing University Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory" jointly built by SMS and Nanjing University was held in the Liren Building 508. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the ceremony was held online. The meeting was chaired by Dr Li Lihua from the integrated practice teaching group.


    ​    ​First of all, participants from both sides watched the promotional videos of Nanjing University and Shenzhen Middle School. Next, professor Lu Minghui of Nanjing University laboratory gave a brief introduction to the working content of the laboratory: "Two schools will work together to develop and organize various activities, such as characteristic elective courses, cutting-edge science technology lectures, and top teacher forums, to provide guidance to students who are interested in the related fields. We also plan to organize visits and exchange activities for teachers and students, to further their understandings of science and technology, Teacher trainings will be provided as well, and our progress will be updated online.”


    ​    ​After the introduction, two schools signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. The representative of Nanjing University unveiled the "Nanjing University Grade 0 Collaborative Training Base" and the representative of Shenzhen Middle School unveiled the "Shenzhen Middle School - Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory."


    ​    ​​Then, professor Lu Yanqing delivered a speech: "As an excellent student base for higher education, SMS has cultivated many outstanding students with explorative courage, solid knowledge background, and comprehensive skills for prestigious universities both home and aboard. In a few days, Nanjing university is going to hold a very special graduation ceremony. One student named Lin Kehuan will give a speech on the ceremony, on behalf of all graduates from our life science college. She is a 2016 graduate of SMS, and is going to study for a degree in public health at Harvard University this year. From this example, we can see that students from SMS are performing thrillingly well in Nanjing University.

       "The discovery and cultivation of young talents with scientific research potential and innovative spirit not only requires the unremitting efforts of high-level basic education, but also requires the joint efforts of high-level universities and middle schools. The coordinated development of higher education and basic education is conducive to solving some key and difficult problems in the development of China's current education system." Professor Lu said, "We hope that you can jointly develop and organize characteristic science and innovation activities with the help of the Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory, so as to truly initiate the innovative ability and life-long learning potential of SMS students. It is our sincere hope that Nanjing University and Shenzhen Middle School will work hand in hand to cultivate top talents and future leaders who are morally, intellectually and physically competent."

       Later, President Zhu delivered a speech: "Nanjing University is a century-old famous university with outstanding reputation. In 2017, it was selected into the List of World-class A-level universities. It is the dream school for many SMS students. SMS students are among the best high school students in China. They are featured with distinct personalities, self-confidence, optimism, studiousness, and self-discipline. They are good at thinking, innovating and exploring and they are willing to face challenges. We have always thought that it is our responsibility to build more high-end academic platforms, and to create a better campus cultural atmosphere to benefit their development. For more than three years, we spare no efforts to expand and upgrade the school innovation center and upgrading, and have built 19 innovation laboratories with top universities and big companies in mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

       Over the past 70 years, SMS has formed an open, free and democratic campus culture, which actually created a suitable atmosphere and space for science and technology innovation education. Nanjing University has a long history and solid foundation in advanced functional materials and the corresponding applied research. It also has the only undergraduate major in acoustics in China. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to establish the Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory with Nanjing University, on which students will have close contact with the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in functional materials, and will be able to participate in relevant competitions and carry out research under the guidance of two schools’ teachers.

       "President Lu and I are friends, and SMS also have a close relationship with Nanjing University -- many of my ideas and practices since I became principal of SMS have benefited from the school philosophy of Kuang Yaming, the old President of Nanjing University. President Kuang has made important contributions to the cause of higher education in contemporary China, and has done plenty of pioneering work. He was an important founder of Jilin University and served twice as President of Nanjing University. During this period, he broke through the old shackles, hired famous teachers and paid attention to traditional culture and education. He was a representative figure of China's higher education in the new era. Inspired by President Kuang's idea of running a school, we have been recruiting many excellent teachers graduating from top universities and teachers with abundant teaching experience. In order to promote traditional Chinese culture, President Kuang took the lead in setting up the compulsory course of "College Chinese" in Nanjing University, which has been promoted in many universities nationwide. This greatly corresponds with SMS’s goal of "cultivating top innovative talents deep-rooted in Chinese culture and with international visions."


       Finally, the President Zhu said: "Thank to President Lu’s hard work to promote the in-depth cooperation between our schools. I sincerely hope that the two schools can cultivate talents with scientific literacy and innovation spirit together. I hope that in the future, more students could enter Nanjing university and enjoy its charm!

       The establishment of the jointly build Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory is of great significance to the top-notch talent cultivation of SMS. SMS will take this opportunity to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation with Nanjing University.

Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory Jointly Built with Nanjing University