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SMS Students Shine in the Brain Bee Competition


    ​The 2020 Brain Bee Competition is divided into regional and national ones. A total number of 1,852 students (including Junior high students) from 187 schools in 20 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities) have registered for the contest. A total of 376 students (including 123 from Junior high) have passed the regional contest to advance to the national Brain Bee.


January: Brain Bee Regional Brain Science Competition

Students of Shenzhen Middle School won 2 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 6 third prizes in the Guangdong Competition area.

June: Brain Bee National Brain Science Competition

    ​In the competitions with high school affiliated to Renmin University of China, Beijing No. 1 School, International Department of Shanghai High School and other well-known high school students, SMS students stand out and perform well. Yuan Ruoqi won the first place in the national total score and will have the opportunity to represent China in the Global competition.


The Name List of the Competition Prize-Winners


First Prize

Zheng Yanqiao          Yuan Ruoqi


Second Prize

    Liu Yaqi           Chen Leidan       Zhu Lingchao      Li Haoyuan

       Zeng Tianzuo     Wang Yuchen     Geng Ruiqi        Huang Jinde


Third Prize

Zhu Yuqiao         Deng Youyang       Su zhongyan

                     Li Qianrui          Sheng Shuya           Wu Yifei


(Photos of some of the students)



SMS Students Shine in the Brain Bee Competition