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The Unveiling Ceremony of "Academician Zhu Bangfen Workstation"


On the morning of May 21st, the unveiling ceremony of "Academician Zhu Bangfen Workstation" jointly built by our school and the Physics Department of Tsinghua University was held in conference room 508, Liren Building. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the ceremony adopted the form of "cloud unveiling". Professors from Tsinghua University and leaders, and teachers graduating from Tsinghua in SMS presented this event. Dr. Shao from the Physics group hosted this meeting. 



First of all, participants from both sides watched the promotional video of The Physics Department of Tsinghua University and SMS. Then, Dr. Shao Zhuo gave a brief introduction of the work of the academician workstation: "Academician Zhu Bangfen's team will invite experts in related fields to hold lectures about frontier physical science and technology for SMS students, aiming to provide guidance for those students to help them grow into top science talents. With the academician workstation as the link, the Physics Department of Tsinghua University will support SMS in terms of the construction of modern physics innovation laboratory, the establishment of scanning tunnel microscope system, the development of experimental courses, the teacher training opportunities, and the guidance for students.”


Afterwards, Academician Zhu Bangfen gave a speech. Zhu said, "The competition between countries comes down to the competition for talents and education, and high schools are decisive. I have declined many invitations about setting up workstatations before, but I am willing to set up the academician workstation with SMS this time because I am willing to help many excellent students in SMS grow better. There was once a student in our department named Jian Chaoming. I taught him two courses. This student graduated from SMS and won the gold medal in the 38th International Physics Olympiad. I hope that this workstation can connect the Physics Department of Tsinghua University and SMS more closely, so as to better promote the progress of both sides. In addition, I hope that more excellent graduates from SMS can enter the Physics department of Tsinghua University in the future. High school education is the centenary and millennium project of our country. I hope to take this opportunity to do something for the high school education of Shenzhen and the whole country, and to train more top innovative talents for the country." At the end of his speech, Zhu said, "I have been to Shenzhen 30 or 40 times, but unfortunately I have never been to SMS. I hope I can communicate more with teachers and students of SMS and learn from them in the future."



"Shenzhen Middle School is one of the fastest growing and best middle schools in China, leading the country in teaching reform, talent training and internationalization." Dean of the department of physics department Wang Yayu said, "In fact, the Physics Department of Tsinghua University and SMS have close connections already. The excellent student, Jian Chaoming that we have just mentioned, was the students of Academician Zhu. After undergraduate student, he got a doctoral degree in Stanford university, and is now a professor in Cornell university. He is among the best young physicist around the world. Actually, the ten academicians of our physics department have set up a lot of workstation, but “SMS Zhu Bangfen Academician Workstation” is the first one we set up with a high school. Thanks to the strong support from SMS, our physics department will do our utmost to support the workstation’s work, the academic exchanges, the laboratory construction and training of teachers and students. I sincerely hope that our cooperation will train more high-level talents for the world."


Later, President Zhu delivered a speech: "Today, we are very honored to have Prof. Zhu Bangfen from Tsinghua University to set up a workstation in SMS. As a world-renowned condensed matter physicist, professor Zhu has profound academic attainments and cares deeply about basic education, especially the cultivation of top innovative talents. Principal Zhu valued the exploration in the field of identifying and cultivating top innovative talents since the establishment of SMS: "In 1993, Shenzhen Middle School organized and established the education experimental class; In 2003, the curriculum reformed based on the platform of "New curriculum and Teaching" was launched. In 2017, the Shenzhen-Huawei Special Talent Award was established in cooperation with Huawei to discover and nurture talents with special expertise." In 2020, we will cooperate with Huawei again to jointly run the “Huawei-SMS Mathematical and Physics Experimental Class, and enrollment talented students from around the province." 


As for the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents, Academician Zhu Bangfen has constantly summarized his concise education philosophy and experience in practice, which has benefited us a lot. For example, "The key to the cultivation of world-class basic research talents is to create a good environment conducive to the emergence of outstanding talents,” President Zhu said, "In recent years, with the aim of "building a world-class high school with Chinese characteristics," SMS has strived to create a good scientific research atmosphere and learning environment for students. Up to now, the university has established 18 innovation laboratories and innovation experience centers with famous universities and enterprises such as Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Huawei, Tencent, and Dajiang, which involve astronomy, biology, energy, artificial intelligence and other professional fields. However, modern physics, especially quantum physics, is still vacant. On April 14, 2018, Academician Xue Qikun, vice President of Tsinghua University and a famous physicist, visited SMS, bringing the students a feast of quantum physics science, shortening the distance between middle school students and the mysterious quantum physics, and also inspired my the idea of introducing the experimental technology of quantum physics to middle school students. " This idea was immediately recognized and supported by Academician Xue, and I would like to thank him for facilitating this collaboration between SMS The Department of Physics of Tsinghua University."


"Tsinghua University has produced a large number of talented people. There are nearly 40 outstanding masters and doctoral graduates in SMS who graduate from Tsinghua University, and 8 of the 13 doctoral graduates in physics group are from Tsinghua University. The department of Physics of Tsinghua university leads the world in quantum physics. We will continue to improve students' practical ability and research level on the platform of 'Zhu Bangfeng workstation' under the guidance of the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University." Zhu said, "The cultivation of students' scientific interest and innovative spirit is a systematic project. A good platform is important, but it needs the guidance of masters. At the very beginning of the project, Zhu said, “It is important to make a real difference. This simple sentence gives us a glimpse of the rigorous attitude and working style of a scientist and educator. I hope that students in SMS, under the guidance of the master, can learn to do research and to be a good person. It is hoped that through the establishment of this workstation, SMS can push the cultivation of top innovative talents to a new height under the guidance of Academician Zhu. I am looking forward that more students from SMS, enjoying the elegant demeanor of Tsinghua University, can pursue excellence and dare to be the first. I hope that they can strive continuously, put ethics first, grow up and make contribution to the world."

At last, President Zhu extended a sincere invitation to all the teachers in the Physics Department of Tsinghua University: "Welcome Academician Zhu and all colleagues in the Tsinghua Physics Department to come and guide us."



The Unveiling Ceremony of