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The Open of the New Campus on September


       As a traditional top high school in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Middle School is the dream school for many students. With the opening of the Nigang new campus, this year, SMS will greatly expand the enrollment scale to give more students the opportunity to enjoy the high-quality education.

       For many students, this is a dream accelerator.

     On the 70th anniversary of the founding of SMS, Principle Huawei Zhu announced that SMS is committed to "building a world-class high school with Chinese characteristics and cultivating top innovative talents deep-rooted in Chinese culture and with international visions." In order to achieve the goal of "world-class", SMS has built the Nigang campus and has attracted more than 100 graduates from top universities both home and aboard. Those universities include: Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Peking and Tsinghua universities. Many well experienced teachers have also been introduced to the school.

       Students and parents around Shenzhen now bear many questions regarding the Nigang new campus and the new enrollment policies. A few days ago, Nanfang News interviewed Principal Zhu, who gave detailed responses to all those inquiries. 

Nanfang News: Could you please tell us something about the changes in SMS’s enrollment policy this year?

Principal Zhu: Our school’s enrollment pool this year will be expanded from 800 to 2100, and we plan to open a new science experimental class cooperating with Huawei, facing the whole province. We hope that SMS can cultivate more talents in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information science. 

Nanfang News: What changes will happen to the school when the new campus opens?

Principal Zhu: The current campus has different architectural styles and colors, and there is not an integrate building planning and design. Although we have further improved the campus environment in recent years, it still has a distance from world famous high schools. In order to build a world class high school, the new campus will be opened in September this year. At that time, our campus environment will be greatly improved. The design of the new campus borrows the architectural style of famous universities such as Stanford University and Tsinghua University, and is equipped with plenty of first-class facilities. All the freshmen admitted this year will be able to study in the new campus. Recently, new innovation laboratories such as the Astronomy Innovation Laboratory jointly built with The College of Physics of Peking University, the Academician Zhu Bangfen workstation jointly built with the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University, and the Advanced Photoacoustic Functional Materials Laboratory jointly built with Nanjing University will all be set up in the new campus, and the Innovation Laboratory and the Innovation Experience Center of the old Campus will also be upgraded in the new campus.

Nanfang News: How about the teaching resources in the new campus?     

Principle Zhu: In the past three years, we have been preparing for the opening of the new campus, and has thus introduced more than 100 highly educated and professional teachers. Now, we have 60 teachers with a doctoral degree, more than 80 teachers graduating from Tsinghua and Peking University, and more than 20 teachers graduating from top oversea universities like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. We have also been hiring many experienced and outstanding teachers. For example, Zhou Qiyong, a physics teacher admitted in 2017, is the National Outstanding teacher. Hu Jiwei, a math teacher who joined the school in 2019, once taught in the High School Affliated to Renmin University and tutored students who won the 60th IMO gold medal. Hu Jian, who joined SMS in 2019, worked in the Physics Department of Tsinghua University and the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the post-doctoral workstation of the Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany.

Nanfang News: what do you think those excellent teachers could teach the students? 

Principal ZhuFirst-class high school must have first-class teachers. 

Education prepares people for the future. We spare no effort to introduce master's degree and doctor's degree graduates from famous universities because we not only value their solid academic backgrounds, but also hope that these outstanding talents can give students more high-end academic guidance and spiritual cultivation. We believe that they can not only impart knowledge, but also use their own vision, personality, and good habits to influence students. 

For example, we encourage graduates from prestigious universities to offer elective courses based on their own research background, such as the ones we recently opened: Fundamentals and Frontiers of Astronomy, Preliminary Exploration of English Drama, Global Thinking, and etc.

Dr. Liu Ying of Tsinghua University, who joined SMS in 2018, is a student of Professor Yan Ning. She is in charge of the Innovation Experience Center of BGE Research Institute. She guided students to win the Gold medal in the International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition (IGEM) last year.

Mr. Wei Xin, who joined the university in 2020, is a doctor from Oxford University and a postdoctoral fellow from Boston University. She once taught in Oxford University and studied Orientalism, world languages and literature. Such a teacher would certainly have a different vision and pattern when explaining Oriental culture to high school students.

Nanfang News: After the opening of the new campus, how will the curriculum be optimized and improved?

Principal Zhu: Curriculum is the core of education. At present, we provide more than 150 school-based elective courses covering 28 course groups for students with different interests and aspirations, providing different levels of teaching for students with different learning abilities. All of these are designed to let students choose what they want and promote their personalized and diversified development. Students can also independently create rich and diverse clubs according to their own interests. At present, SMS has more than 90 clubs, in which students can fully fulfil their potentials. In order to broaden the academic horizon of teachers and students, we have invited a number of Nobel Prize winners, academicians of The Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with famous scholars at home and abroad to open "Shenzhen High School Lecture Hall" for students. We also set up a platform for high-end academic activities to enable students to take part in international competitions. 

At the same time, we will follow the pace of the national "Strong Foundation Plan", to further improve the top innovative talent training system, and contribute to the country's top innovative talent training.

Nanfang News: How do SMS Innovation Experiment Center cooperate with universities and enterprises to jointly cultivate top innovative talents?

Principle Zhu: Up to now, SMS has established 18 innovation experience centers and innovation laboratories with famous universities and enterprises such as Peking University, Tsinghua university, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiaotong university, Huawei, Tencent, Dajiang and Gaungqi. we cooperate in hardware, teachers, courses and other aspects to cultivate top innovative talents together.

We will also build innovation labs and experience centers with more top universities and enterprises at home and abroad, and introduce high-quality courses developed by famous universities and innovative educational institutions at home and abroad, so as to better serve the growth of students through these high-level and open platforms.

Nanfang News: This year’s college entrance examination is at the corner. What are teachers and students in SMS doing to get prepared for it?

Principal Zhu: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, despite the longest vacation, online teaching and the postponement of the college entrance examination, all senior three teachers and students of SMS have conducted their work calmly and have overcome all the difficulties. With the joint efforts of all, our achievements of Shenzhen No.1 Mock Test are outstanding: the overall average score of both arts and science SMS students ranks the first in the city, and the total average score of the students of science is nearly 20 points higher than that of the second best school. 

Up to now, 5 students from our school have been recommended into Peking University and Tsinghua University, among which one has been admitted by Tsinghua Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Elite Class, and 10 students have been nominated by the “Qiangji Program” of Peking University and Tsinghua University.

The Open of the New Campus on September