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School History

Shenzhen Middle School (SMS), founded in 1947, became the highest-ranking school in Guangdong province in 1983, and continues to be ranked amongst the best in the nation in terms of its innovative curriculum and outstanding education in various arts. In 2004, it was afforded the status as a Pilot School of the new National Curriculum and became a National Pilot High School in 2007.


Vision and Mission

Holding a vision of pursuing excellent quality and pioneer spirit, with the name of Shenzhen City, SMS has made great contribution to following aspects:

Innovative Talent Training

International Education

Education in Various Arts

School Culture

Social Service

On the 70th Anniversary of Shenzhen Middle School, SMS strives to contribute to society and our nation by cultivating innovative and balanced individuals with international perspective and Chinese cultural awareness.

With input from every participant at school, SMS commits itself into developing to be the top level high school internationally.

Curriculum and Learning

SMS continually exploring the development of curriculum with vision, mission and consideration of every student. The philosophy of helping every student on overall development is the key concept to the school. 

SMS encourages students to pursuit learning as they demand, teachers to implement teaching as students require and universities to make their own considerations to all assessments from our school.  This strategy enables every student to learn more effectively and liberally here. 

Multi-curriculums, various academic connections and abundance of student activities are three main features in SMS. In SMS, students are able to enjoy:

Multiple Curriculum Choices: Standard, Experimental (which includes the International curriculum), and Honors curriculums can be chosen by students.

Various Academic Connections: SMS co-operates with a number of prestigious academic institutions and enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, China University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc.

Abundance of Student Activities: SMS has more than 100 student clubs under 8 main categories such as social practices, social media, social sciences, technology and many others.

 Honors and Achievements

here we celebrate our achievements made by every participant in SMS,

Outstanding Results on the College Entrance Exam in China: according to the numbers during 2010 to 2017, 228 graduates in total took up place at prestigious universities- Tsinghua University and Peking University, paralleled top universities in China.

Competitive Performance on International Olympic Competition: SMS has achieved 11 golden medals on International Olympic Competition so far.

Excellent Results on Overseas University Admission: up to 110 person-times were admitted to top 10 universities, colleges and Ivy League in the United States in total during 2011 to 2017, 44 of them received admission offer from Ivy League.

We are delighted to report that the majority of 2017 graduates which is 96.6% students have admitted to top 50 universities and Liberal Art College (LACs) in U.S. and among of them 17 graduates were admitted to top 10 universities and LACs, 10 graduates were admitted to Ivy League and also students on art education were admitted to top Art Colleges and universities as SMS has won international awards and prizes many times on Symphony Orchestra Performance, Choir Performance and Dance Performance.

Past and Feature

The influence of SMS's distinguished alumni remains significant. They are innovative talents and miracle maker in Shenzhen, also a true test of SMS education.

 Four funders in Tecent are graduated from SMS, they are Ma Huateng, Chen yidan, Zhang zhidong, Xu chenhua. Funder and CEO of Kuang-Chi Institute, Dr. Liu Ruopeng is also a alumni of SMS who has successfully made " Invisible cloth" which can swerve microwave in technology.  

Shenzhen Middle School has accumulated a profound cultural heritage, and witnessed the development of modern, international education in Shenzhen. The year 2017 is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Middle School. The school will take this opportunity to further sort out and sum up the educational experience, historical accumulation and cultural characteristics of the school, and fully promote the development of the school's in-depth content.

Shenzhen Middle School will never stop its development. Exploration and innovation is the eternal theme of the development of Shenzhen Middle School.



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